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Video Cards

I installed a GForce NVidia in my machine and it ran awesome with large assemblies when I was running 2001. I have now updated to WF and now it is pretty choppy when I move that same large assembly around. I am just assuming it is a peice of hardware not supported by WF. Am I correct in thinking this?
brantje - If you have just recently purchased this gforce card and still have the ability to return it, I would. You can purchase some of the lower modle Quadro and Wildcat cards for the same price as a decent gforce card.

If this is not an option: are your current gforce problems causing you so much trouble that the program is un usable or are you just looking for better performance.

If better performance is your goal then a new card my just be the answer.

If you are just trying to get the program to function normally then you may be able to with out replacing the card by chaning display settings, drivers, or if neccessary running in win32_gdi

boydt - from my experience WF in general is all around more hardward demanding than any pre WF release of Pro/E.

you said: I am just assuming it is a peice of hardware not supported by WF

gforce cards have never really been supported

again I would recommened experimenting with diffrent nvidia drivers and not just the most current, sometimes older drives will actually work better. If you still can't get any better performance then try turning down some of your settings to take a little strain off your graphics card (example: run with 16 bit color instead of 32 , run 1024x768 instead of 1280x1024, etc...)

hopefully my $.02 will help someone.
win32_gdi is a great work around for people with graphics cards that can't handle running opengl. A lot of people trying to run Pro/E on laptop computers have to run in win32_gdi.

But if you have a card that should be able to handle opengl (such as your Quadro 900 XGL) then there should be no reason why you would need to run in win32_gdi and would actually see a serious decrease in performance running in win32_gdi mode.


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