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video card problem


New member
I just changed my ATI9700 card to a NVIDIA 980 and the video locks up making Pro/E unusable. With Wildfire it hangs at the splash screen and with 2001 it hangs a few seconds after rotating. I upgraded Win 2000 to service pack 4 and installed the NVIDIA 980XGL and their driver from the CD and now Pro/E displays the problem. With the ATI card wildfire barely ran and with 2001 the screen goes to hash during a rotate 50% of the time. This is why I changed the video card. The workstation is a dual pentium III at 1.4G with 1G ram, standalone and connected to cable internet.

Help and advice is sorely needed.




In my experience, any drivers shipped with the product are worthless... Go and grab the latest version of the drivers from the nvidia website and try those.

(we're currently on 43.45 for our 980XGLs)

-Brian Adkins


New member
Got the fix, add graphics win32_gdi to

PTC certified this card with driver 42.01 and it works better than the one supplied with the card which is a later driver.


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