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Version of SolidWorks B4 license server


New member
Does anyone remember the last version of SolidWorks before the license activation changed to server validation? I skipped from SW2005 to SW2009 and never did learn when that change took place.


New member
They Changed licensing to an Activation Based method for
all versions since and including the 2008 release.

2007 was the last version which didn't require activation
just the 16digit Serial. Serial Numbers will still have the first
16 digits but an additional 8 char Alpha Numeric code was
added in giving a 24 char serial number.

Do you know where I can aquire a Stainless Steel Spork?
Are they made by any companies?



New member
No sporks in this household, stainless or otherwise, despite the Internet moSolidWorksr. Or else I'd send you one. I took this handle a looonng time back when I was feeding my one year old from (your guessed it) a spork. That one year old is now a young woman. I've been a Netizen for longer than many people have been alive.
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New member
Good knowing origin of the handle. I think I may have
originally had a login as mjcole like on Eng-T?ps but no
longer had the email or never asked the admins about it.
The _PTC moSolidWorksr is due to the fact I worked at PTC as a
Quality Assurance co-op and still know a few hidden
options and how to use trailfiles.

I'm wondering what your thoughts were on the 2005-2009
transition most people had enough issues from 2007 to
2008. You can PM me if you want to respond to that.
Maybe I'll model up a SP f.0RK and find a good
3dPrinter material to hande plate to mouth food transport.

Fork Service Pack .ork

Tweeter D and Tweeter Dumb
SolidWorks (@)m c S l d W r x 2 0 0 8 / S h w e e p
Pro/E(@)t r a j p a r

Wildfire 5.0
Win-XP sp2 yup that's cprrect
Backing up my pc before installing XP.sp3 Because
Microsoft is not trustworthy.