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Vericut setup for multi-op


New member

let's say you're working on an *.mfg that consists of more than one
Operation and each Op. (obviously) is based on different CSYS. Typical
example would be a part that needs to have its top and bottom machined.

Now, here's my dilemma: when it's all said and done, I APT my
operations, generate Vericut file and what happens is that Vericut
positions ONLY ONE operation (the one that's current in ProE) properly.
I can add as many APT files as I want through the Vericut menu, but
still I need to create the Coordinate Systems manually right there in
Vericut. I wonder if there's an automatic way of doing this? I hope
so.... please anyone? Thanks!


New member
off-road racer said:

I think I know what you need. Let me look into it before I write anything.



Cool, I'll wait.

BTW.: What you're racing? I've been into rock-crawling for years and years...

off-road racer

New member

I can't recall how to run multiple toolpaths at this point in time. I've been working on it all morning but still can't figure it out.

I need to run multiple toolpaths just like you do so eventually I will figure it out. I have Vricut training but have not used it in a long time.

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