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Vericut Bug


New member
I an working on a manufacturing file for a prototype part. All works good thru vericut except one area. This friggin problem took me a day and a half to figure out, no thanks to ptc and cgtech. I would get a error that said that it had a java error and windows needed to close the program. This part has a lot of surface machining, so it was hard to pinpoint the problem. Ptc told me that I needed to update my java even thou I have been using the same setup for around a year with no trouble. cgtech told me that I needed to do all my windows 2000 updates and it would go away. Neither one of these fixed the problem. I am running wildchild 2.0 M040 and vericut 5.3.1. I have always modeled my forming tools and they worked fine. This time I sketched a tool in the tool dialog box and it looked like it worked fine except instead of a radius because it was a corner rounding tool it cut a chamfer. When I finish the operation that I was working on I go thru vericut to check and make sure all tool are working the way I want them to run on the cnc "I have to run the job myself". This is when I found out that the sketched tool was blowing up in vericut. I suppressed the tool and the problem went away. I will turn this into ptc and cgtech as a bug that need to be fixed.