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Vehicle model requests...


New member
Hey guys,

Anybody have, or have a source for the following models:


SUV (Any, like an Expedition specifically)



I dont need the guts on any of these, I need the solids that approximate (within reason) the outside shape.

Any help is appreciated.

IGES might work too if It's not just wireframe...

Ultimately they will need to be converted to .stl format.

Anybody know any good utilities to do this from Pro?

(found the Hummer in the models section of the site. Could use a less specialized version.)





it is very difficult to find such a model

it is a military product you know and this info it is very difficult to be shared



New member
.stl files work and play well with some of our partners' software.

I was asked to send files in these formats.

I was hoping that somebody had them in ProE or IGES, so I could control the output, at least a little...



New member
xcad, and all,

I am very much aware of the proprietary nature of what I'm asking for. That's why I explicitly said, no guts. Also because I don't want to deal with the model size.

Just the outside surfaces would be enough, I think...

I realize it's a stretch...



New member
I have the new H3 in Wildfire (body in white) but I can tell you that no one in their right mind would give you that file or even show you an image.

The best way to do it is get jpeg views of the vehicle you want and use trace sketch in isdx to get the overall shape.

Good luck



New member
is get jpeg views of the vehicle you want and use trace sketch in isdx

Care to share how this works ??


New member
Hi everyone,

does anyone know where to get aircraft solid model in proE 2000,any typ of aircraft A320 or 777-200, 747-400, will do.




New member
View attachment 327

Here's a screen shot of trace sketch in WF. It would be a lot clearer if I showed a wireframe but I am at home and dont have access to one right now.

* I cant remember exactly where it is in the menu because I use a mapkey

You load each view into isdx and line them up with each other.

Use them as an underlay for isdx curves.

Build your surfaces.

The surfaces in the attached image took about 20 minutes including importing the images.

I havent been able to find any reference to it on the PTC site. I could make a few more screen shots and explain it more thoroughly when I get back to the office next week if anyone is interested.



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