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Varying pitch in helical sweep


New member
Can anybody please tell me how to include an equation which will determine the pitch in a helical spring? I suppose people use so called 'pitch - graphs' to do it, but, how does it work?


New member
This should probably be in the Modelling forum...

The trick to creating a pitch graph for a helical sweep is to place sketcher points on the profile wherever you want the pitch to change.

Then when you specify the pitch, you can choose the Pitch Graph element and Add Point. You select the sketcher point, which will appear on the x axis of the pitch graph, and enter the pitch, which will appear on the y.

I haven't thought about this, but if you wanted to use an equation, you could probably create a Datum Graph via From Equation, and then create either a simple Sweep or a Variable Section Sweep.

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries