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variable surface thickness


New member
Can anyone tell that is it possible to give variable thickness to surface.I meanI hav a problem that i am modelling a roof.I haveCAD data in iges format. the thickness of roof is varying from 5mm to 3mm. i hav created the surface model now i hav to thicken it but how can i thicken th surface variably so that it comes in a blended shape i.e transition from 5mm to 3mm should be smooth and blended.

can any one help me please.


New member
A surface is a two-dimensional entity, it cannot have thickness.
What I suggest to do is to create the volume you need (the part as you see it at the end, I mean a sheet of metal with two different thicknesses and the needed transition and ) .
For this you have to create all the surfaces you need to completely define a volume and then you


New member
"... it cannot have thickness."

Neither can most CAD modelers have "solids".

A Thicken feature is a macro offset operation and I don't believe there's a way to create controlled variable offset (?). I'd just model the "solid" surfaces as Michael suggested.