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Variable Section Sweep


New member
Can anyone help?

I need to create a part that goes from a square cross section, to a circular cross section over a depth. I know that the use of a variable section sweep has to be used. But I m having difficulty in getting it to work.

Can anyone solve this problem for me?

Thanks to all.


Active member
You don't need varaible section sweep. You need simple parallel blend for that.

The tip in that is you divide your circle into four connecting arcs.

If you still need help, e-mail me.



Using a VSS is not required (as stated above), but it can often actually be easier to create than a blend when the sections are wildly different. Using a Pivot-Dir VSS means you don't have to worry about dividing the circle up into a bunch of little pieces.


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Active member

you are right. VSS is the most powerful command of Pro/ENGINEER. Just to add to your reply : there is no word Pivot-Dir for VSS in Wildfire. This has been replaced by Normal To Projection in Wildfire.

I think it is important for those who have started with Wildfire and haven't seen the interface of Pro/Engineer 2001 or previous versions.



New member
If you really care how it looks, you should use a boundary blend and add a few control points or cruves in the second direction. That is if you dont have isdx.



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