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Values of Family Table in the Drawing


New member
I inserted the values of a Family Table in the Drawing by table, well in some itens of this table I would like of modify of Real Number to Text, but dont lost the parametrization.

How do I do this?

Thanks in advance

Andre Almeida


New member
I have a drawing, and was create a Family Table selecting some dimensions in the Part, after I created in the Drawing a Table that take all the values of Family Table (this Table was inserted using &fam.inst.param.value and &, but I would like of change where the values are 0 for Dont Have.
There is no simple way of getting mixture of number and string to show up in family table.

Only way I can think of is to create a parameter and write some relations to drive the parameter.

Anyway, in your drawing table, does '0' value show up as '-'?

If not you need to turn the feature off.


New member

1. Create a string parameter in the generic that reflects what you want to appear in the drawing family table (PTC calls it a parts catalog). By creating it in the generic, all members of the family table will have it as well.

2. Write if-then-else relations in the generic to assign a value to this new parameter. For example:

if d12 = 0

new_parameter = Don't Have


new_parameter = itos(d12)


(Caveat: I'm fairly certain the itos function converts an integer to string, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. I suggest you look it up in Help.)

3. Create your family table as usual on the drawing.

4. Use Tables > Repeat Region > Filters > By Rule to filter out the old parameter / dimension from the parts catalog. For example:

& != d12

Your old column will no longer appear in the parts catalog, but new_parameter will.

Dave Martin