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Using Warp to bend a straight tube into a helix


New member
Is there any way of doing this? Can I simply bend and twist a straight tube to make it into a helix? Is there any other function in the warp feature that I can use to achieve this?




New member
Analysis/Evaluate, measure, measure curve used to make helix, make a straight tube the measured length. Pro/E 2001 does not have such a command, but if you do and use the math, it can go either way. Someone else asked me the same question today?

Sidenote: Pro/E can create any curve bye equation. The equation for the helix can come from the line distance + a variable.


Active member
Martina and Donha,

This posting does not say about helix, it asks about the usage of Warp and its capabalility to do so.


Yes you can do it but not in one step and also you will need WF 2.0 ( preproduction) for it , which has added functionality about Warp.

I tried one cylinder and twisted it into helix with some trial & error.



Warp is a good tool but if your end result is a true helix, then it would probably be best to create it using a helical sweep, or formed curve on a surface or any of the other myriad options for generating a helix. Curve by equation being an obvious one.


New member

I know but after much trying I was unable to use helical sweep etc for making something like this into a helix. So I have resorted to approximate methods using warp. All I know is the pitch and amplitude required so I am just using the measure tool to approximate.


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