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Using Microsoft Excel with Pro/ENGINEER


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Many users have complained that Pro/E has limited interfacing capabilities with MS Excel. While the integration with Excel might not be as uniform as with some other MCAD products, there are many useful ways to integrate spreadsheets within Pro/E. Here are some descriptions and links I have come up with:

You can use MS Excel as the table editor and for graphing in BMX by setting the environment variables as follows:
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Check the PTC Knowledge Base under the Support Tools heading with the keyword "Excel". Specifically, see About the Excel Analysis and Excel Analysis Feature functionality in Behavioral Modeling . Note: You need to be a maintenance paying customer to access this information.

Here are some other tutorials or articles I have found:
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0pt" ="Msonormal">Drive Your Pro/ENGINEER Model with a Spreadsheet by Edwin Muirhead. From the Winter 2002 issue of Profiles Magazine.</DIV></LI>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0pt" ="Msonormal">Using Microsoft Excel to Sort Global Interference Check Information from Pro/ENGINEER .(video tutorial)</DIV></LI>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0pt" ="Msonormal">Introduction to Optimization Excel to Pro/ENGINEER through Pro/PROGRAM</DIV></LI>
<DIV style="MARGIN: 0pt" ="Msonormal">Integrating Pro/E & MS-Excel with the p-Shell API.</DIV></LI>[/list]
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