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using a solid part for creating a cut in another solid part


New member
I am working ona project in which I have to create a model of a wind tunnel with a blockage inside. To do that in pro/e, so far, I have been creating a cut (required blockage shape) inside a block (wind tunnel). But for complicated shapes its very time taking. Is there any facility or procedure in pro/e, that enables me to use a solid part, to create a cavity or a cut in another solid part in a different file.


New member
I think that what you need is: in the part you would like to cut, just create an external copy-geom of the cutting part (solid); this way you can cut using quilt.


New member
In an assembly from the model tree right click on the part you want to cut and select Insert feature then from the menu select Data Sharing>Cut Out.


New member
there should be a boolean subtraction operator. create the solid that you want cut out and use the operator to cut out any intersections with your original model.


New member

This is driving me nuts - I just can't get it right.

I have an assembly model that I want to cut out from

a block protrusion that is larger than the overall dims

of the assembly in all three axes (i.e., I want the

negative of this assembly inside the block.

I keep getting the assembly showing in the block with the

negative area I want being cut out (i.e., basically it's being

encased in a surface cube.)

Any ideas?




when doing a cut out, the solid in the assembly will be cut out leaving the voids of the assembly inside the block. eg. flow passages in a valve, (this would give the fluid volume inside the assembly)

If you want a single continuous void of the assembly inside the block you need to solidify the entire assembly.

One way is to copy all of the external surfaces, merge them, make sure they are closed the do a protrusion from quilt. The do the cut out operation.


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