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why is no one on- line?

Gusru`s like Spelling,DougR,XCad,Moroso,Adicar ,etc etc ,etc

Why we can`t contact these person on-line

(Just in case they are bussy ---i understand)
.....i think that this is the time that the webmaster of this site

must leave a message.....

Thanks for your understanding

That message was posted in different forms so manny times before

Our reason is to colaborate,``let`s make things better``

and for that kind of reason i`m disapointing

In the past we choose to work in ProE

Is normal to search help here

For example every person respect Karavasilis for his articles and support on this site,and i appreciate his position( I`m ready to challenge)

I follow this site from manny times and i thing is possible to do more things better

One big reson no one is on line.... It's a weekend man! People have lives away from Pro/E. It's Sunday morning and it's a fluke I am even on here.
Believe it or not, I have been working on many things that are related to this site in the background. There will be some big changes this spring. The biggest changes will be to the forums, chat feature, and files section. I can't really be more specific about it right now, but I think you will welcome the changes. I'll let you know more about it when the time is right. Thanks for your continued support and in keeping the forums professional!
Mr. Rishidass,

This is not meant as a personal jab but I am curious about your name, can't help to think what the last three letters spell out.

Anyway, I am more faithfull to my family, my hobbies and my toys. Granted it is Pro/E that keeps all these going but I would choose them over Pro/E on the weekends.

Over and out

Mr. BoydT