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use of quilt


New member
hi every one

plz help out any one & try to solve my problem which i am facing my problem is that i am not able to extract a component which have a no fo side core wit h different dimmension and shape .

my question is wether this possible to extract core cavity if yes then plz tell me how and plz guide me by explaining in step by step.

and i want know about quilt can any one help me out where it used specially and hoew it is made on surface and pl explain me in step wise

ok thanks

sadhu sharan prasad


New member
the answer to your solutuion depends on the type of geometry that u r having with u.

if the geometry is from other cad software u have to make sure that the
geometry which will be a surface model is a collection of closed
surfaces or quilts. a closed quilt is absolutely essential for using
the geometry in downstream applications.so first check whether ur
geometry is a imported feature or not and then we can discuss on the
core-cavity creation or extraction.


New member
hi rasesh

thanks for reply. i want to tell u that my geometry is not from other cad software its made on pro/e wild fire& i am trying to extract with same software plz u tell me about quilt because i cant able to extract my component with choosing flst parting surface ,copy parting surface,&extrude parting surface.so i am trying to go for quilt so plz guide me how to make a quilt and try to explain me in step wise for this i will be very thank ful to u

ok bye

sadhu sharan prasad