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Unwrapping an interesting edge.


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We have a part like this, and want to show the sinusoidal profile in a 2D drawing - to give more details.

Essentially, we want to unwrap the edge/curve - anyone have any ideas?

I know you can form a curve onto a surface, just wonder whether you can do the opposite?




You might creating a thin cut and using a spinal bend to unwrap it. Make the length of the spinal bend curve equal to the circumference.

If you don't mind showing a graph or something on your drawing, try creating a User-Defined Analysis feature that measures the distance of a point to a plane around the circumference.

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You can unwrap surfaces using Tweak Flatten Quilt... try making a surface using the curve and then unwrapping it.

I was fooling around with flattened quilts a couple of months ago for a user here. If your quilt forms a closed loop, you'll need to trim it before you can flatten it. You can use a curve to trim it, but remember to save both sides of the trim.

See attached zip file for an example:


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