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Unix to Windows 2000


New member
I have downloaded files which are UNIX based apparently and am wondering if there is a free binary converter to make them compatable to the Windows or NT environment. Couldn't find any feedback on the forum list that was helpful.

??anyone familiar with this fix?


Active member
Pro/Engineer files made in UNIX open in Windows2000 if versions are same and both licenses are commercial. The converse is also true.

There is no need for converter.



New member
hmmm.....That is what I thought Israr.

I have been getting a message window to the contrary but will review the parts I have downloaded.

I will enter the error message when I get back to work on Monday. Thanks for the response



I copied all our Pro/E data from an HP-UX server to a windows 2000 server using Maestro NFS to mount the Unix drive on the Windows machine. No other file conversion necessary.


New member
Well there is a free conversion program, this is if you transfered the Unix files via a non binary format. Then you would need to use the 'dos_to_binary.exe' located in the loadpoint\i486_nt\obj folder of Pro/E. This will then convert an entire directory or directory structure for you.



New member
If you used non-binary FTP transfer, data will be appended to the files, making them non-usable. Look at the file sizes and see if there is a few bytes difference.


New member
Hello 1st post.. I ran into this problem the other day and did a google search and I ended up on this thread. I have a few thing to say. I did end up being able to use the files.

The first time I downloaded them I did not use a true ftp data transfer program. I just used a copy/paste method from Internet Explorer. The files were zipped and tared with a tar extention. I use winzip to unzip the files and there is a option in winzip that I unchecked to fix. Goto options/configuration/miscellanious...uncheck the box TAR file smart CR/FL conversion.

I use Window 2000 with Pro_E 2001 and the files came off of a sun unix system running Pro_E 2001.