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Unbend this Terminal


New member
I used sometimes this command, but in this case i didnt got find where i could use this command. If you have a little time look the file, my problem is that i did a transition with WALL>ADVANCED>BONDARIES, but there is deformation in two directions in a BONDARIE that I created., I think that the problem is in this region. Anyway i stay very glad for your attencion.

Andre Almeida


New member
I gone through the model. It has many unattached walls. Merge the unattached walls to base feature and try. I believe it will unbend.



anyone here feel like being nice and showing a example of unbend by xsection ?

its gotten me stumped on more than 1 occasion


New member

if you post your email, i can send you PTC's "Suggested Technique for Creating a Cross-Sectional Unbend" for WF2. I have to add PTC's Copyright and Trademarks notice with any material used from their site.