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UG NX7.5- Assembly-Add Component question

Michelle MM

New member

I'm trying to overlay two components with the same part name but different revision levels. See below for example. These are UG NX7.5files. I'm using a function called Assemblies, Components, Add Components. I think the problems is with the File, Options, Assembly Load Options settings.

File name examples:amh38688.geo_fin001.002999.prt, amh38688.geo_fin001.002000.prt

I've used this function in the past without any problems. I'm not sure what has changed. I'm overlaying the files so I can compare old and new data. I dont want to have to rename the files.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

Thank you, Michelle Mihelich


New member
Are u using siemens PLM based interface or single system based.I can suggest you better if you brief.Incase of PLM integration you will never get version related problem.But could you plz elaborate which types of system you use :pLM or non-plm?