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Two Dimension lines with arrows


New member
Everytime I come across and drawing that needs one dimension and multiply leaders I create the a new dimension. Is their a way to modify the dimension, either in the detail stage or in the model, so when I use show and erase it shows up that way?



show erase. shows u the driven dimensions

ie the way the geometry was constructed. these u can change in the drawing or model.

to change a dimension in the drawing stage. simply double click it. change the value then refresh :)

in the drawing u can create reference dimensions which are not
driven. but are still equally helpful for the person making the

if you want the dimensions to look different when u do show/erase
dimensions fromteh drawing, then you should construct ur model in that
same fashion.

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New member
what I'm really asking is with show and erase can I have one dimension pointing at two features of the same dimension?


New member
Only if they are in the same plane :). Proper drafting procedure calls for using "2X" or "2 Places" if a dimension to a feature applies more than once. Dimensioning the same feature twice with the same dimensions is termed overdimensioning. Maybe I am misinterpreting your question? When someone talks leader, I think in terms of a note, not a dimension. A dimension contains a dimension line and extension lines.


New member
I work with very old Government drawings that don't really follow any kind of standard. I asked asimple question thinking maybe there is something I'm missing or a modification setting I just never used. Besides the ovious information I'm getting, I guessthe answer would be no. Thanks.


New member
Hi phoxeoy:

Perhaps you mean if you have several holes on deferents locations and you want one dim. with leader arrows to each holes.Well there's away to do that.First dim. your feature then insert a note with leaders then select the holes, enter ,then typ

the dia.symbol&add(?)and enter.

for example 5Xdia.symbol&add16,enter.By the way this is not with show and erase,

hope it help.
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