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Twisted style feature


New member
I'm trying to loft a surface through
cross-sections using a style feature. However, the surface ends up
twisted, as though I have got the curve start-points of a standard
blend feature in the wrong place. Is there a way to move the start
points of the style curves, or do I need to redraw the curves?

I had the same problem with a restyle
feature, but in this case I can't just redraw the curves as they are
created automatically from the intersection of a facet feature with a

Does anyone have any ideas?




New member
have you added any internal or cross curves? a technique I've sometimes used (depending oni the nature of the opject) would actually be to use these internal curves as the primary curves and the original curves as controling internal cures..

why not just use boundry blend?


New member
Thanks for the reply.

I have the same problem with the boundary blend, and I can't move the
end point as the automatically created restyle cross-section curves
only have one end point where the curve closes. In this case it is OK
as I am only using the scanned facet data as a referenece for a new
part, but I wanted to get to the route of the problem.