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New member
I need some tutorials, tips & trics that helps me to start working (my actual level is 0) with ProE/Mold. I work with ProE for some time but I need help for Mold module, Can anyone help me with some tutorials or something like it??



New member
Check this out lcl...


Click on Reference Documents at the bottom of the web page.

Click (or Right Button Mouse click and select Save Target As)
on Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 Help Topic Collections.

You will be asked for your PTC account name and password.

One of the tutorials is named Pro_MoldDesign_and_Pro_Casting.


New member
Awesome! I hope these are useful. Is it just me, or is there next to nothing when it comes to ProMold documentation?

Thanks for the info, Brad!



New member
after looking this over, it turns out this is just a pdf of the same information that is in Pro/E's helpcenter (which isn't the most helpful)

at least it's easier to print!


New member
Hi all,

Thanks to all that have read and mainly to the ones that have replayed.

I'm just wondering if anyone have some tutorials. For me is easier with an example.

Thanks anyway


New member
thanks for the tip. Downloaded the archive, and it's pretty hefty, so a
word of caution to all the dial-up users out there, but on the flip
side is that it is loaded with many different things to sink one's
teeth into. Appreciate the tip!



New member
I didn't keep a softcopy - sorry. The link no longer works
for me either (but it did) and it appears that the page
has been deleted or that the entire site (or their server) is down.

Try again next week.