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trying to analyse 3 mating parts


New member
Hi Everyone,

I tried putting an assy with 3 parts into pro-mechanica structure to determine the stress magnitude at various points, but the run fail cos it could not generate elements for all 3 parts in the assy.

Any suggestions ?

Nose Bleed

New member
Did you create contact regions in the assembly?

you can weld two (or more ) surfaces together by using Contacts>creat>part (ver 2001) to connect separate parts together in Mechanica. Of course after this is completed use the review option to verify the connections are made.


New member
Must i assemble these part with some interference before i can create the contact region ? ... thk in advance


New member
I wouldn't use an interference for contact. The parts have to be close and parallel within a certain tolerance. Of course if you are doing contact analysis, be prepared for longer run times.


Active member
If there is no intereference in your assembly and components are fully constrained, then pro/mechanica automatically creates rigid connections just like ANSYS DesignSpace does.

So you don't need create welds until and unless that is your specific requirement.



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