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Truetype fonts and Pro/e


New member
I have a situation where I need to extrude fonts on a model. You can do this by using the sketcher functionality (WF2) and selecting a particular font that has been added to the truetype font loadpoint directory.

You can also, when creating the words within sketcher, tell them to follow a curve. This creates lettering (or words) along a curved line. It can be done as a protusion, cut, or datum curve.

My question is this. Once these features are made, you can't do too much with them. That meaning children of the text feature fail because if the words change.

This is causing two problems. 1) I have parameter driven words that need to change. Using loop and various methods for children doesn't allow regenerations without failures. I assume because of the number of elements within the truetype fonts changes, therefore Pro/e loses it's references.

2) Once I create a word, done by extrusion along curve, I need to know the length of the arc that it is following, or in other words, the length of the word in arc length form. This number needs to be gleened so I can use the value in a relation later in the part.

Due to the word changing, the child always fails, so I tried to setup the sketch where the word was built to have a couple of sketched centerlines that would produce an angle dimension that I could use. The font, whichever one is selected in sketcher, does not allow you to grab, touch, dimension, or basically do anything to it. It's like a entirely different type of entity.

That might be intended functionality by PTC, but tech support, any written text support, or anyone I have talked to, doesn't seem to know much about this truetype font functionality.

Does anyone here?