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Trimming construction lines


New member
So I created some dimensions using construction lines (since the underlying geometry was sillouhettes). Why can't I trim them. Am I stupid?

I select the line, right click, Trim to Bounds, and I've tried clicking on everything on the screen as a bound. I'm obviously missing something really basic here...




New member
i think you may not be able to trim the construction lines. they are supposedly lines of infinite length. you may need to create 2 point lines, relate them to views and then dimension using those lines. you can edit these lines the way you want.

if you find a solution to trim the construction lines, please let me know. thanks...


New member
we can't trim the construction lines,but we can convert trimmed line into construction line.

for that, first u hav to create a lines then add dimendions using those lines and trim that lines in the way u want, after that right click on the trimmed lined and click on toggle construction to make that as construction line.