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trajpar with var sec sweep


New member
Can anyone explain how trajpar works with a var sec sweep?

I have used it in the tutorials but have never fully understood it.

I know that its value is equal to 0 at the start point and 1 at the endpoint.

The example I was given was sd1=trajpar*4+1 to control the value of a sketcher dimension.

This is supposed to provide better control over the section but I think I am missing something.

Anyone have a simple explanation? What does it control exactly?



You've virtually explained it yourself.

trajpar is a built-in variable that relates to the distance along a swept trajectory. As you say, it goes from 0 to 1.

So in your example, sd1 will vary from 1 to 5, linearly.

If you think of it in terms of graphing x against y,

trajpar = x, with limits 0..1

formula = y (eg: y = 4x + 1)

You can control dimensions in the sketch because you know the limits of the graph.



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