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"Trace Sketch"

i dont think its possible in 2001

you can do it in wildfire within isdx

isdx in 2001 also has other restrictions compared to isdx in wildfire - no 3 sided surfs

has anyone tried isdx on the beta of wf v2?

i heard they were supposed to be adressing some of the cdrs functionality that is missing

would like to hear whats been done

have they allowed copy curves for example?

surface modelling without this is very frustrating as i have to come out of the isdx feature and create composites... grrrr
Its in wildfire only and its a feature from CDRS.

I have very limited knowledge of cdrs so thats all I can say about that.

I have played around with isdx in the beta and its nice.

real time draft analysis

zebra stripe analysis

all the analysis tools are real time within isdx

I havent tried the comp curve tool yet. Ive gotten used to working around it. Removing that functionality was ridiculous.

What other cdrs functionality are you looking for?

i also only had limited CDRS use before moving to isdx

i was doing complex surfacing using pro but was getting increasingly frustrated at the length of time taken to develop good surfaces

so i started using rhino :), but had data issues when importing so started to use cdrs as the surfaces came into pro (2001) a lot better (we had a license which we have now moved up to isdx - ptc will no longer support it)

like you say removing the copy functionality is frustrating

i find i am moving features around the model tree to develop stuff within wildfire

its just in its time (and even now) i understand that cdrs was a great tool, supposedly better than studio tools in its surfacing ability

i really only started to scratch the surface of cdrs when i used it but was constructing stuff way quicker than pro 2001 with isdx (we only just moved up to wildire)

i do seem to be creating my curves in one isdx feature and then laying surfaces in another, mainly because of the copy curve issue - in cdrs this wasnt so

you say you have got used to working around this - have you found a good method - or is it the usual having to work with sofware that doesnt do what it says on the box???
No efficient way, I just get out of isdx and roll the model back to create the curves.

I usually need comp curves from reference data so this helps.

It was just nicer to hit my comp curve malkey withint isdx and create my curves without getting out of the feature.

With the beta you can now offset curves within isdx including normal to surface which rocks for making flanges etc.

You can now also offset surfs within isdx as a visual reference while building surfaces (this offset updates realtime while tweaking your surfaces but is only a visual reference within the feature).