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TopLevel Assembly Problem


New member
Hi, has anyone ever experienced a problem with a sub assembly constrained with mechanism not functioning as defined in an upper level assembly?

I have a box with hinges, lid, and a brace that are assembled with mechanism to have the box open and close within the operating range of the hinges. That assembly is the first component in another assembly followed by other components to fill the box. The mechanism of the lid functions correctly in the sub assembly the mechanism constraints are defined. In the next higher assembly the lid does not open and close as in the subassembly. In the higher level assembly the lid behaves more like a packaged component (the lid and the hinge move), when selected it can be moved but it does not follow the constraints of the subassembly mechanism.



New member
I found a fix. The hinges had been assembled to the base and lid with mechanism constraints. I converted the hingesto standard constraints and the upper level assembly now behaves correctly. regards-