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Tool bars from 2 files


New member
I have a new tool kit application recently installed on to my computer which works on Pro/E. And it does have its own and options. Now I have my own tool bar and icon settings for the Pro/E environment. What should I do if I want to have the new application's toolbar along with the present settings that I have? As for the I copied the text from the new one and appended it to the existing one.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I have the same problem,I want to my tool kit application's toolbar can automatically run.Are there any body knowhow to implement the toolbar install automatically
Heres what you can do though it leads to corruption sometimes keep backups of both files. This used to work in 2001.
Start ProE with one of the config.wins, than go to the commands and use the file open, andopenthe other one. This willopen the together, than you can use the file save it out as one. Not sure if this still works. The other option is to put one in your loadpoint\text and the other in the start dir, not sure how this works.