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Tolerance Analysis Packages


New member

Has anyone ever heard of these applications:

SigmundPro (Tolerance Analysis Software)


Sigmund ABA for Pro/E (Assembly Build Analysis Software


Sigmund ABA Kinematics for Pro/E


Is anyone using them? What are the main differences

between the three of them?

I'm aware of this application:

CETOL 6 Sigma - http://www.sigmetrix.com/

Is anyone using this package? If so, what are your thoughts

on it? Is it better than the other one listed above?

I also have this gut feeling that basic tolerance analyses could

be performed with the Behavioral Modeling Extension (BMX) in

Pro/E - anyone ever come across someone who has used BMX

for tolerance analysis?




New member
I have seen the Varatech tolerance software at a demo, it was pretty rough at that point. It crashed on certain things which they were in the process of fixing, so it had turned us off of it pretty quickly. So like everyone else went to CeTol..

CeTol will do any tolerance study that we could come up with, but we do not do anything crazy, and there is more to it than you can imagine, and not sure what you are trying to accomplish. The guys that were trained on CeTol picked it up quickly for what they were doing.

Me I am famailar with BMX, what are you trying to accomplish? Simple studys such as sensitivity, etc yes you can do it, w/o more info I cannot give you a decent answer.