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New member
In drawing mode, I would like to be able to go to "property box" of any dimension and simply change the tolerance to limits or others without going to the options and turn on tol_display parameter manually every time. I do have the part file set to nominal and would like to keep it YES to tol_display.

When I open the drawing start file and look at the options, it's fine. It says tol_display YES. However, when I try to create a drawing using the same start file, by default, it is turned off. I have to go to the menu and set it to YES manually. It's kinda pain in the neck to do this with every drawing. Why is not staying YES?

Anyone knows how to set it in the configuration file?



New member
Your config.pro must point to the DTL file, where the tol_display YES is included. This can be set with drawing_setup_file option.


New member
Thanks. Works great. It seems tooverride what's in the start drawing file and enforces the setting.