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when adding this to a format note.


it just comes up as is &todays_date and not entering the date.

i can add in sheets model names scales etc. but not dates. anyone know what could be wrong?



On formats, text that is not part of a table will not by 'evaluated' when the format is placed onto a drawing (just shows up as a 'dumb' note).

You can create tables in the format, or you may already have an existing table. If you are trying to place this text into a pre-existing title-block area on the format, odds are that there is already a table there. Instead of creating a 'note' and positioning it manually, you'll want to use the Table / Enter Text function to actually enter the text into a cell in that table.


Thanks for that :)

what you said made perfect sense too and better yet it WORKED!.

but how do i remove the boarders associated with the table?

so it just appears as a text rather than text in a box?

thanks heaps!


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