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To unbend opt transition


New member
I have a taper cyclinder 3 dia X 2.5 dia X 3 height and

.03 Thk. On the 2.5dia, it has a 1X1 tap that goes from a cylinder shape-taper to a straight edge at the end. My problem is I can't unbend the tap using the transition option. What is the solution? I can email the model. I am using ProE 2001




New member
You can use a straight edge as 'fixed geom' for the unbend. Try Xsection unbend if regular unbend doesn't work.

With Xsection unbend you have to select an area to distort that runs to an outside edge and this area won't have an accurate developed length.

You can design a sheetmetal part that can't be unbent, I have done this. You can usually fix that by delevoping the part in a different order.



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