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to repare an iges file manually with the help of healgemetry


New member
hi there

previously i m asking that same question but i have the surfaceses that is an cmplicated profile which i m unable to repare it by lagacy that how can i repare it with the help of heal gemetry .and how can i reduce the zip gaps of that gemetry and the tangency of that surface remaining the same.

any boby who will reply and help with that matter.i will be grateful to

thankx [email protected]


New member
Hi pintu,

I spent about three years healing igs files in Pro for a prototype company. Every file is unique in its own way. Modifying surface curves by adding points and moving the gaps closer then using the auto zip gaps is one way. Without actually seeing the file it is difficult to help.



New member

It is possible to repare imported geometry with the heal geometry functionallity, but don't expect wonders. Complicated and/or large parts will always remain with some gaps, which can be very difficult to repair. When succeeding in healing a part and getting it solid, it can still be unstable. For example in making cross sections: they won't show or are red.

Ask the exporter for STEP files, since they are (in general) of a better quality then IGES.

The trick is done by redefine the import geometry and choose Heal Geometry, Manual and then Zip Gaps and Fix Tangency. First try Auto Select. The remaining gaps can be tried to fix with Edit Boundary.

Some more at this topic can be found on

A bit old, but still usefull!

Good luck!