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New member
Please excuse my NEWBIE question. I am not a NEWBIE to Pro/E. I have over 16,000 hours into it, the problem is, I don't have 16,000 with Wildfire. I have switched jobs over the last few years and every company I have worked for hasn't used Wildfire so I was never exposed to it. The company I work for now uses it on a limited basis. We have Wildfire 1.0.

My question is:

How do you insert a new titleblock into an existing drawing?. I know how to in 2001 and before, but I can't seem to figure it out here.

Once someone tells me I will more than likely slap my forehead with a "doh" and then turn red with embarrassment. Again, I know it is a newbie question which I am not....thanks!


New member
Thank you Dr.

I think I was channeling your knowledge because as soon as you posted I found something on the forum that explained it.....it is all good now!

Thanks for response.....it is all coming back to me!