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New member
At one job I worked at everytime I printed the USER (myself) and drawing/asm/prt information was printed also. How can you do that. I am working with an engineer that I have printed these particular drawings about 10 times and he keeps losing them. I would like to have a timestamp so I can log it.



New member
I don't understand your message. What do you mean by printing the USER? On the surface this first part sounds like a toolkit app. Where do you want the timestamp? If it is on the printed drawing, it will be lost along with the drawing.


New member
It prints the drawing name on the drawing and the user name. For example, if the drawing was a B size (11 x 17), then it would print the information on the outside of the borders of the drawing. I know it isn't a toolkit addon.

THanks in advance,


New member
You can do this by turning on the label option in the print dialog box. It will print the info you want in the lower corner of the drawing outside of the border.


New member
Hi all, does anyone know how to customise that label? In particular the font comes out too bold but I'm not sure how to change it.



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