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Timeout Issue


New member
It looks like all I need to do is replace some files to get everything working correctly, since I'm mainly in Win2K OS, but I didn't really see any discussion about license servers or Intralink servers. They are subjected to this Unix thing, too, aren't they?

Steve C
I guess I'm a little surprised that know one has responded to this. I'm mainly after knowledge of whether or not anything needed to be done to the Intralink servers.

Do you think maybe PTC is trying to get an idea of what's out there?

Steve C
All of those TANs do have current solutions, however.

123999 = Pro/I patch

123988 = Latest build of Pro/E 2001

124109 = Pro/E patch or latest build of Pro/E 2001
The TANs list the solutions, I've summarized them above. But you're right... these problems are not fixed by the nmsd patch, they require either a different patch, or a newer build code.

Looks like I misspoke about the 124109 being fixed by a separate patch as I've listed... guess its build 2003441 of Pro/E or 'bust' for most.
What do they mean when they (PTC) say IMPORTANT: You MUST uninstall your existing Pro/ENGINEER installation before installing this new Datecode when talking about any new timeout corrected datecode like for Wildfire and Intralink 3.3?

Steve C
Well, Saturday the 10th Intralink would run but any attempt to start Pro/E, either linked to a workspace or not, failed with a message about name service not available. I downloaded the file nmsd.exe and copied it to /ptc/pro2001/i486_nt/nmsd. Same result. Turns out there are two other locations for this file. In the existing install all three were different. I copied the new nmsd.exe to the other two locations and now everything works fine.

Same file in three different locations? Sleazy! And yes, this should have been taken care of during Y2K testing.

Bernie Hayden

You should have two nmsd.exe's, one for 2001 and one for Intralink 3.2 and client libraries for Intralink 3.2 datecode 2003200.

I'm suprised that the stock price hasn't taken a hit for this and YES it should been caught well before now.

Steve C


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