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New member
for end of thread you can:

- simple rounded

- create a revolve surface (and after that tweak replace the surface is not necessary to be fit on you end of thread- only bigger).

- create one complex shape sweep-blend

first of all think in technological way, how will be maded that end of thread (ask you programmer/technologist or your mould maker)


New member
The threads are cut in the mould using a rotating cutter, so the shape on the end of the thread is generated by the cutter as it starts or ends it cut. Its almost elliptical in shape. Heres how I do it (from memory)....

Use a protrusion revolve and choose the end of the helix thread as the plane for sketching. Use the existing helix thread form as references and sketch the thread form. Put a revolve centreline at half the cutter diameter and revolve say 90 degrees and its done.