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Thermal-Mechanical Analysis


New member
Would it be impossible for PTC to create an option for thermal-mechanical coupled analysis inside the pro/mechanica, to be able to find coefficient of friction or do some frictional excited analysis?

We could have come up with the more accurate results by it.

i hope something has been developed or already released about what i am talking.

Any comments?

What do you mean with thermal mechanical couple ? Could you be more specific? Also a word of caution, there is no friction functionality in the Structure contact analysis available in mechanica. If friction is what you are trying to simulate then you are out of luck using Mechanica structure.

Hi Luis,

yes what i was trying to say is to see the effects of friction between two components or more in our analysis.

What i knew was correct that there was no possiblity of defining any friction coefficient in the structure analysis,or applying friction of coefficient while doing thermal analysis.

i hope these will be considered in the future for those who like to use Pro/E and Pro/Mechanica


serhan sezer


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