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there must be an easier way..


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So.. I have this phone.. (i've been playing around with ISDX testing their "best practice" techniques.. )

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but now I want to project the numbers onto the Numerious surfaces, then use these projected curves to simply splitthese surfaces..

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now I can do it one by one by one... but after only 3 numbers.. I want to pull my hair out! also the "curves" produced by the text in sketcher is all facited.. is there such a thing as a spline based text?

Help please!


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from my experience using projected curves to convey engraving data for CNC milling onto a freeformed surface- yes there is spline-based-text (based on the comlpaints of the mill dept) and nO- it is a one-by-one operation.


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misunderstood- the cosmetic groove, projected onto a freeformed surface was percieved by pro-manufacture as a spline, and took a good amount of time to cut on a 6 axis machine.