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Theory for Surfacing


New member

I wasnt sure were to post this. I need some help on the theory behind surfaces...like the ones on Bezier surfaces.etc... If any one of you could suggest a good book on the above mentioned topic....it would help a lot. One such book i did come across was Mastering CAD/CAM by Ibrahim Zeid....It has one chapter about Surfaces. I was wondering if there was a book specifically for surfaces..

Thanking you all for your time



New member
I don't have any recommendations for books, but there is a lot of good* reference material on the web if you'll search a bit; MathWorld comes to mind.

*"good": Information on the math and theory; if that's what you are after. Or, are you looking for something more pertinent to practical applications, modeling, etc.?

You might want to search for NURBS vs. terms like Bezier.
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Thanks for the quick reply. I have some material on the math part of it. I was looking for practical applications,etc...


New member
You can also try to have a look at the advanced tutorial on this web page.

http://www.me.cmu.edu/academics/courses/NSF_Edu_Proj/Wildf ire_short_course/tutorials.htm

Becarefull, if you want then to a FE make sure that all the surface are
properly connected through their childrens, even if pro/mechanica (not
sure about other FE packages) would assume that the surfaces are not
connected, and they are going to be analyzed as single and separeted

Hope tis is going to help.