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The Infamous Pipe Thread


New member
Anbody figure out how to create a pipe thread in Pro/E? It must be cosmetic. I do not want to waste time and resources sweeping the threads everytime I need them,if you know what I mean. I created a UDF that revolves a surface and it works great for creating the feature in the part. Unfortunately, the surface does not appear as a hidden line in the drawing views. I can force it to be hidden using View display set to hidden line removal for quilts, but this does not workon the front view. (I set this to be the default in the config.pro file)I am currently using Wildfire 2.0. I can't believe ptc still does not have a cosmetic thread feature for pipe threads. I would appreciate any help I can get.

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New member
Good luck,

Pro has never had cosmetic pipe threads. You can only use a straight thread or do a sweep. I have to do this all the time and as far as I know the before mentioned is the only way to do this. I could go home and try it on my solid works and see if it will make one, then iges in the model and goand the import it?



New member
For assembly instructions or other representations where threads should be illustrated, I simply perform a helical cut on a taper.

For simple layouts and assemblies, I set a datum plane at the appropriate distance from the end of the pipe thread to denote the typical wrench tightened engagement (see the Machinery's handbook for this data). That makes it easy to fit up in an assembly


It is just criminal that Pro/E can not model something that is produced millions of times a day throughout multiple industries worldwide.

It does not appear that PTC has any plans to implement tapered pipe threads in WF3. I just submitted an enhancement request and urge everybody to do so as well. Probably won't show up until the Wild Child Wind Fire Release 3003.


New member
If we are talking about COSMETIC threads, why do they need to show the taper? The purpose of them is to allow the drafting to show a symbolic thread in a section view.

I have created a npt.hol file that will do the proper drill sizes and calouts for NPT threads, but it is limited to a straight hole.