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The FIX for Pro/E Central CHAT!!!

Nose Bleed

New member
I've witnesses several users who wish that the chat function was used more often - Obviously, I've noted the same discourgement when logging on to the chat, there's no one there.

Has anyone ever thought of logging into the chat, then opening a new browser window to continue perusing the forums?

Or - could Pro/E Central maybe borrow some code from services such as AOL, that automatically infuse logged in members, into chat availability. Meaning, that when a user is signed on, another user could jump into chat, see who is online, then send them an Instant Message.... Those users could then dive into a chat room and discuss their modeling techniques in a real time manner...

Am I thinking too far out there?
Do you think your time would be violated if someone instant messaged you (if you were automatically logged into chat when you sign on) while you were perusing the online forums?
I am generally not logged on, but if I were, I assume I will be taking out a few minutes reading through questions. I wouldn't mind if someone instant messaged me. If I didn't want to be bothered, I read through the messages without being logged in.
Just my 2 cents worth. Announce in the forum that at a certain date and time the Chat room will Commence and just do a dry run and see how it goes. Sure, not everyone can attend don't worry. I know there are at least two people out there that will chat. Please someone take the BULL by the B.... Horns and say I will have a Chat Room on Monday at 10 AM. The topic is Ways on Creating Datums on the Fly Or Not on Wild... or something like that. Well, that was more than 2 cents.
I didn't realize that there are people that still use AOL.