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Textures on models


New member

Here is my problem; every time I apply a texture to an object when I remove the object from session and bring it back it doesn't have the texture any more. Is there a config option that I'm missing?.

Also, is there a place where I can find more textures (specially wood and metal patterns)?, Can I create my own textures or modify in any way the ones that I have?

Thanks a lot,


New member
Dear Hazmatt, your help is appreciated. Yes. I saved the model.

It's great to hear that I can make my own textures, how do you save them as .tx3 estension like the existing ones in ProE?.

Thanks a lot!


New member
you have to put in your the complet file path for the graphic library and put your texture file in it. Doing this you proe will search all needed texture directly in this directory.

Perhaps yopu can also save your texture file in the working directory (I'm not sur, it was some time ago...)


New member
The tx.3 extensions and others are textures that are normally used with a CDRS environment. They will somtimes be smaller sizes and therefore allow higher resolutions to be succefully used in the 3D environment.

You can convert jpeg, tif etc files in proe to tx files using image editor if you so wish.

As has been said before a search on the web can find you texture files.

With a bit of know how you can create your own in a photo/art package very quickly anyhow and build up a library.

It really depends on your required output! its nice to make your models look pretty but i rarely find the time unless images are needed for a client. It has to be said that pro-e is not great timewise for doing conceptual work..........


New member
Hi proedesign,

You may need to save your texture in your color map...what I mean by that is just to save your color map once you have added your texture. As stated before you can use most any graphics file to create a texture and you can use the image editor on the PhotoRender toolbar to save graphics files as .tx3 extension. You can also create realistic texture by using your images to create a bumpmap (.tx1 file). Open your texture image in the photorender image editor and create an alpha channel. You can then use this alpha channel to save as .tx1 format which can now be used to create a bumpmap on your model which is more of an actual texture function for rendering. As for texture can do a web search and find some good textures but we usually end up making our own by either scanning materials or using digital photo's. Best of luck, let me know if you have any other render questions as I have used this module quite extensively ever since we started doing all of our renderings in-house to save $$$.


New member
Thank you all for your help and comments. You've solved my problem. I fixed the path for the texture in the config and my texture stays now. I have started to do my own texture files by using my digital camera, it'll just take a while to figure out the appropriate lighting and other issues that I am finding as I take more pics.

For us, the renderings are very important because we don't use an Industrial Design firm.

Thanks also for the websites that you provided they've helpful textures.


New member

Try this, keep your .jpg's etc.. in the directory your models are in.

You can convert a jpg, tiff etc.. to tx1,2,3,4 using the image editor in Photorender.

Finally, try turning off the ambient light in Photorender. It gives a more natural look, unfortunately Photorender doesn't support radiosity so everything comes out cartoon like.

I've been using Photorender on a daily basis for 6-7 years and it basically sucks. Wildfire has a new program called Photolux that supports alot more.




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