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Texture hunt


New member
Everytime I re-start Pro/E, it loses the textures I have
specified. I have set the "pro_colormap_path", the "pro_texture_library"
and to make sure, the "texture_search_path" to refer to my custom
files and libraries, but Pro/E still loses the texture. and when I try and add
a texture it still refers to the system texture library.

When I modify the appearance to re-specify the texture, the
texture is set, its just not actually there.

The help file page is posted below, but I', not sure what
I'm missing. I'd be extremely grateful if someone could help me get it to work




Pro/E help:

"You can use the existing PTC-provided graphics library
or create your own texture files. Ensure that the texture directory and all the
texture files within it are available in a location for which you have
appropriate permissions. This directory must be specified as the value for the
texture_search_path environment variable in the config.pro file. This allows
Pro/ENGINEER to find the texture files the next time you open a part or
assembly. Pro/ENGINEER also searches this directory when you specify a texture
filename in the File > Open dialog box."


New member
I've been living with the same problem for a coupla years.....!!.....have to go and find get the texture again, even though is says it can see it.


New member
hii to all

i'm looking formore e-site where download a new photos (.jpg) for PRO/RENDERING in PRO/engineer 2001.

If we know it please write.




care to share the ones you have :) all mine seem to well err not be very good.

they never look realistic. which really is a PITA.


New member

Do you think its possible for you to transfer all your maps and
materials in system folder (Ptc) for materials? That isn