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New member
Hi everybody-

I've created drawing formats for A, B, C & D size prints with tables, etc.... no problem.

I create a new drawing using one of the formats. I insert views, note, dimensions, etc. and realize that I need a bigger sheet size. So I replace the format. I now have the option of deleting the existing tables.Two of the tablesare tables I created in each drawing format that asks the user, at the start,for information like material type, hardness, part description, creator, etc. Is there way to use the same tables and have them automatically snap to a new location?
We put those information in as parameters in model.

Then tables calls for parameters. That way when you replace format, it will be filled out automatically.



New member
You can use the same tables, but you cannot reposition them automatically unless you create a special mapkey that moves the tables.As an example, weupdate the same size formats occasionally and may want to keep the existing revision table. We have to move the table with the rev column out of the way, delete the new rev column brought in with the same format and move the old table in place.We could also leave theold rev table in place and query select to choose the newer rev table to delete.Pro/E rememebers tables associated with formats and will ask to remove the re-positioned table if we replace formats in the future.


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Cristelino, can I have some of whatever it is you have?
Maybe it was the software put the post in the wrong post?