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Symbols in 3D text


New member
is it possible to add custom symbols to 3D text in the model that is
flat to the screen. When I try to put a symbol in it wants a datum for
orientation but I have my text flat to the screen.


New member
in wf2 it is not possible. I am guessing you are trying to add a delta flag. what we do is not use the flat to screen option and add the note as a annotation (fixed to a datum) at least this way we can add another annotation for the delta symbol which has text (note number) and a leader(s) attached to what ever the note applies too.

This way we get the hilighting between the applicable note and the delta. We still use 2d drawings so in the drawing when we show the note we add a delta symbol over the note number and related to the note so that it moves with it if requred. probaply not the not the best method, but until Pro/E gets more compliant with the y14 what can we do?