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New member
I've createda balloon arrow with text inside of it. I was wondering if it possible to create some kind of paramter or something that if the more I typed the longer the arrow becomes to allow the text to stay inside the arrow. Right now when I type more than two letters the text starts going outside the arrow. I assigned the text to the arrow but that did'nt do anything for the length of th symbol. Thanks


New member
Well.... I don't use Pro/E anymore, so I don't know fer shur if this will work:

1) make a new symbol.

2) the symbol will be a note with your parameter, but with the @[ and
@] tags to put it in a box. This boxed text will be the shaft of
the arrow. Make sure that the text is opposite-justified....
meaning that if the arrow points to the right, make the text left
justified. this is to make step 3 work

3) draw the arrow head on the end of the box. If the justification is right, the box should grow away from the arrowhead

Alternatively, you could try the same stunt with a single-cell
table. I fergit whether or not table cells can grow to fit text
or if they can even be included in a symbol. If so, you will have
the advantage of the text and the arrow be of different line fonts.


I'll keep an eye on this thread to see if I'm all wet or not.

Paul P.


New member
I see the method working, all though I will have a line going through the balloon arrow.Because of the first @[ or even the second if I put the arrow head on the other end. This would be great to do but I have to make the drawing match a print that already has been drawn.