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Surfacing & Detailing


New member
Does anyone have any examples of any drawings that were created with models that had Surface features in them, and how you detailed & dimensioned them?


New member
Normally, surfaces and datum curves are put on a layer and blanked in the drawing. As stated previously, surfaces are used to create solid geometry when you cannot create the solid geometry with normal features. To show the dimensions in the drawing: Show Dim>By Feature and View. There are two ways to ensure all dimensions that drive the model show up on your print. I call up my model, modify the first solid feature and figure out what views I need, then create the views and show the dimensions for that feature or redefine it so the dimensions show like I want them to in the print. This is a good way to ensure you create the proper relationships for a part. After creating the views and showing the dims for that feature, I move on to the next feature, eventually completing the drawing. Another option with a small part is to create your views and show all the dimensions.


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I guess what I'm getting at is I've got this model created with some really funky curves and surfaces, and I'm wondering how someone would approach dimensiong a part that has really wierd surfaces?


New member
Dimension where it interfaces with another part and then provide sections to show curvature.

It all depends on why you are making a drawing.

If its for someone with limited cnc capabilities you will probably need lots of sections, if its being machined from a cad file you dont really need to describe every curve.



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You will usually need to specify in your notes what the allowable deviation is from the surfaces (so that you can have some control over the tolerance).


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Surface features, like datum features are used in support of creating solid geometry.To show the dimensions in the drawing: Show Dim>By Feature and View. There are two ways to ensure all dimensions show Dim>show all.