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surfacing and ISDX - human head (WIP)


New member
this little project has gotten me familiar with the subtle workings of ISDX.

helped my standard surfacing technique too.

finally have a method down for C2 level curves and surfaces.

Edited by: fhodshon
this is great.

if you want to get a good head model, I suggest you look at some
polygonal models done some great artists. I do a lot of polygonal
modeling as well and with the subdivision modelers you utilize "iso"
lines to tweak the model which in terms of Pro/ENGINEER could be your
datum curves.

are you utilizing curves? the surface flow looks like it could be optimized a bit.


New member
That looks EXCELENT!
cant wait to see the finished product! well done!

by the way, what is your import feature on your model tree?
Edited by: james.lynch


New member
Hello fhodshon,

What is the input for these great models.How do you make the datum curves--any dimensions or free form.Your clues could be of great help.

Thanking u,



New member
I would like to look at this model (Parametric) once you are complete. Could you please either send me a copy or post on the site.